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Commercial Sales For the Commercial sales of Firearms and Accessories. Read the rules before posting.

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Old 07-02-2010, 10:28 AM
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Exclamation Marketplace Rules - READ THESE!

The buying and selling of items through the Marketplace forums is a benefit strictly intended for the community of the Calguns membership. We have established a list of forum rules to be followed in order to post your "classified ad's" in our Marketplace. Members who violate these rules may lose access to the Marketplace.

1) All transactions must be in accordance with all State and Federal Laws.

2) Buyers and Sellers assume any and all risks in any transaction. Our wish is for this forum to be a safe environment for our members to buy and sell amongst themselves; however, can not and will not be responsible for any transactions gone bad. CAVEAT EMPTOR applies here.

3) Your location must be in each new Marketplace thread, whether WTS (Want To Sell) or WTB (Want To Buy). If your location is not given then your post may be deleted. It is preferred that your location be visible in your profile to sell or buy in the Marketplace. If it is not in your profile it must be in every new thread started in these forums. Given the large size of California your location must show at least what County you are in. We highly recommend that you also include the location in the title of the thread.

4) Limit your ad's to one per Marketplace sub-forum. When posting within these forums we require that you keep all items to one thread per sub-forum only. Multiple threads opened for various items by one member within 72 hours of each other may result in all threads by that member's posts being deleted.

5) Back to the Top (BTT) is allowed once every 24 hours. This rule also encompasses all the other methods used to surreptitiously "bump" a thread sooner than allowed. Clever 'sales comments' and addendum's that can easily be added to the original post are just some examples. New posts that add content such as pictures or additional information will be considered as a "BTT". The 24 hour timer between BTT's is now based on the last post in the thread rather than the last post by the original poster. If another member bumps your thread with a question about the item you are selling/buying, edit your original post with the information necessary to answer the question. Deleting your own BTT post and re-bumping your thread within 24 hrs may result in your thread being locked or deleted. When answering questions via edit the next BTT should include a statement to the effect of "'BTT, questions answered".

6) We do not allow for the auctioning off of items in the For Sale forums... nor links to auctions and/or sales you may have open at other sites. This forum is for the buying and selling of items within the community of The only exception is for auctions approved by the Administration in order for proceeds to benefit this site and/or it's membership. This does not mean that you cannot post an item here for sale that you have listed on an auction site. This merely means that you must create an actual post for the item without the link to the auction site. Mention that the item is up for auction, and that you would be willing to end the auction early if a deal can be struck.

7) Edit the title to show your items have been 'Sold'. Once you have sold the item(s) in your classified ad that you have in the Marketplace, edit the title so it's obvious that the item(s) have been sold'. Do not create a post just to say your item is sold. The moderating team does not delete threads simply because a transaction is completed, so please do not ask.

8) All Commercial sales must be placed in the Commercial Sales forum. Any commercial sales posted in the Private Sales section will be deleted.

9) For Sale threads must have a price listed. If you are unsure of what you want to ask for an item list a price you think is slightly higher than what you want to get and simply state, 'willing to negotiate'. You can also add 'OBO' (Or Best Offer) after your projected price. While this means you are willing to entertain offers it is NOT a license to auction, neither does it mean that it is acceptable to take a higher offer after you have agreed to a price and a deal.

10) Threadcrapping. Commenting on a post in a negative manner, called 'thread-crapping', is not allowed. If you think an item is overpriced or of lesser quality, don't buy it. If you have concerns about the seller PM a Moderator or Admin and we can discuss the matter.

11) Shilling is strictly forbidden. Posting comments such as "great seller", "good deal", "good luck with sale", etc is strictly forbidden. This also includes comments such as "bump", "btt", or "tag" posted by a member other than the member who started the thread. Shills may have their access to the Marketplace quickly and suddenly terminated.

12) Do not post your "For Sale" items in someone else's thread. Be respectful of the other sellers and start your own thread.

13) Question and Inquiries about products listed in an ad. Most questions and product inquiries can be handled via Private Messages. We expect you to use this feature for all questions and inquiries. If you feel your question or inquiry involves a material aspect of the item being bought/sold you may post that in the thread. The term "material aspect" means one that dramatically affects the value, function, or operation of the item being bought/sold. Any information about the item that was not included initially in the original post, but asked about by another member, should be added to the original post. All offers other than 'I'll take it' must be made via Private Message and do not need verification such as "pm sent", "offer sent", "would you be willing to xxxx".

14) Discussion threads are strictly prohibited in the Marketplace. If you have questions or concerns about the Marketplace either address them directly with the admin/moderator staff or place you comments in the "Announcements and Suggestions" sub-forum.

15) Marketplace disputes. Occasional disputes between a buyer and a seller are inevitable. When this happens notify the moderators and include a link to the original thread. When one of the moderators respond be prepared to forward copies of all PM's and emails regarding the transaction. By selling and buying in the Marketplace you agree to abide by the final decision of the moderator team regarding any dispute. Arbitrating disputes is not the job of the moderating team, but if we're called in to deal with a problem we expect you to respect and abide by our decisions. Failing to do so may result in losing access to the Marketplace and possibly the entire forum.

16) iTrader ratings. Negative feedback should be reserved for transactions where one party has lost either money or goods, or the delivered product is substantially different than advertised. Positive feedback is appropriate for transaction with good communications between they parties involved and that completes in a timely manner. Neutral feedback is for everything else, including transactions which are not completed. Use the comment section to describe why gave the rating you did. Retaliatory feedback is not tolerated and should be reported to a moderator. See Rule #15 regarding Marketplace Disputes.

18) Statement Regarding Clones and Replicas:
Clones, also known as Counterfeits, are items that are made to duplicate an existing item and carry the same markings and/or titles as the original item. For example, a clone of a Trijicon ACOG that bears any or all of the same titles or markings as an actual Trijicon ACOG is a counterfeit item and illegal based on both Patent and Trademark violations.

Replicas are items that are similar to and/or function the same as an existing item but do NOT carry any markings or titles in common with the original item. Bushnell, Barska and many AirSoft manufacturers make replicas of the Trijicon ACOG. They look similar to and function in a similar manner as the Trijicon ACOG but they are not marked in any way like a Trijicon ACOG. These are legal items that share a common use and similar appearance but do not infringe on existing Patents or Trademarks.

Due to the illegality of selling counterfeit/clone items and the fraudulent nature of the clones/counterfeits themselves, selling these items on is not allowed. If you post a counterfeit/clone item for sale it will be deleted, repeated violations will result in permanent loss of access to the Marketplace forums.

Selling replica items, clearly stated as such and bearing no markings or titles of a similar brand name item is allowed and acceptable. However misrepresenting a replica as an original for sale is of course fraud and will be treated as such.
19) Outline and intended use of the individual Marketplace sub-forums. Threads placed in the incorrect forum may be moved or deleted without warning by the moderating team.
Commercial Sales & Good Deals
For the Commercial sales of Firearms and Accessories as well as sharing good deals
Private Firearms Sales
For the private sale of Firearms.
"Airsoft guns" are not firearms.

Private Firearm Parts & Accessories Sales
For the Private sale of Firearms related accessories.

Private Ammo & Reloading Sales
For the Private Sale of Ammo & Reloading Components.
Beware that it is illegal to sell reloaded ammo that has been assembled/mfgd without a manufacturers license.

Private Non-Firearms Related Sales
For the non-commercial sales of non-firearms related items.

WTB (Want To Buy)/Services Offered Forum
This forum is to be used for the purposes of offering Professional Services of any type OR for
posting Want to Buy ad's of any type.

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Old 07-02-2010, 10:29 AM
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Default My thread disappeared!!!!

"Yup, one, or more, of my threads disappeared," you tell yourself.

Well, there's probably a very clear reason why, and it's probably because one or more of the For Sale Forum rules were broken.

For review, the rules are available for your viewing pleasure here:

The one most likely to get a thread deleted is
5) When posting within these forums - we ask that you keep all items to one thread per sub-forum only. Multiple threads opened for various items by one member may result in all threads by that member's posts being deleted. Back to the Top (BTT) is allowed once every 24 hours. This rule also encompasses all the other methods used to surreptiously bump a thread sooner than allowed. Clever 'sales comments' and addendums that can easily be added to the original post are just some examples.
Highlight added to show the most broken part I've encountered.

The rules show that the offending threads are to be deleted; however, I've been merging your multiple threads into one... for the first time. If you keep posting multiple threads, your first thread will be kept, and all subsequent ones will be locked or deleted.

Please heed this warning. It takes time to keep this place clean, and it's unfair for other sellers when someone posts multiple threads, effectively bumping the other sellers down or off the page.
Old 07-02-2010, 10:30 AM
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Default How to add a picture to your ad

In order to post a picture on the forum you need to have it hosted online on a web server. There are several free ones out there, these are a few of the better ones.
Hunt101 Photobucket UpitAll
All of them are free and for the most part you register an account just like you do to join a forum. Most will also give you the necessary url and encoding to post your pictures in your post.

Once you have uploaded your pictures and copied the url for the picture you are ready to post it in your thread.

There are three ways to do this.
1) If your photo hosting site gives you a link to paste that has the proper tags you can just paste it in to your post. It should look something like this:
[img] [/img] but without the spaces.

2) If you have the url for the picture you can manually add the necessary tags yourself. simply type [img] before the url of the picture and [/img] after it. It should end up looking like this:
[img] [/img] Again make sure you do not have spaces between the tags and the url or in the url itself.

3) If you have the url you can click on the little image that looks like mountains and a sun, above the window where you type in your post or reply. This will open a pop-up that asks for the url of your picture. Paste in the url for your image and click ''OK'.

With any of these three methods your picture should show up in your post as an image.
Old 07-02-2010, 10:32 AM
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Default Rivviepop's Howto: insert pics into your ads (easy instructions w/ screenshots)

.wysiwyg { PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; MARGIN: 5px 10px 10px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; FONT: 10pt verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif; BACKGROUND: #f5f5ff; COLOR: #000000; PADDING-TOP: 0px } .wysiwyg A:link { COLOR: #22229c } .wysiwyg_alink { COLOR: #22229c } .wysiwyg A:visited { COLOR: #22229c } .wysiwyg_avisited { COLOR: #22229c } .wysiwyg A:hover { COLOR: #ff4400 } .wysiwyg A:active { COLOR: #ff4400 } .wysiwyg_ahover { COLOR: #ff4400 } P { MARGIN: 0px } .inlineimg { VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle } This "How To" was originally created by one of our members, Rivviepop. I have rather blatantly copied it here. The credit for this belongs to him, I have not edited a single character from his original posts. ~jmlivingston

PART 1 (broken up due to forum limitations)

How to upload your pics online and add them to your posts (ads, etc.)

Several free online services allow you to upload smaller pictures (1024x768 sized and smaller, usually) for free and use their website to insert your pictures into forums like Calguns with little work. This Howto explains using as the free service provider, as they seem to make it the easiest for everyone. The images used below in this howto are inserted exactly according to the steps below as well, so it's a self-example of how it works.

(1) Start by going to in your web browser of choice. Firefox on Windows is being used in this example, but all browsers on all systems (i.e. Safari on a Mac OS X) work exactly the same way - if the images below don't match yours exactly don't sweat it, adapt mentally as you follow along.

(2) Click the Join Now in the upper right hand corner of the website to begin.

(3) Fill out the initial information as requested, this can be anything you would like. Do not give out this username/password to anyone, etc. as usual with websites, click the Next Step button to continue.

(4) Fill in the remaining information as requested. Notice in the screenshot below you do not need to enter your real phone number, birthday and so on. It is always better for your personal privacy to not use your real information if needed, just make something up then click the I accept button to continue.

(5) After the account has been created (or you are returning to the website after signing in again) you get your main "album" - think of it as your personal photo space. To begin uploading pictures, click one of the Browse buttons in the box near the upper right like below:

Old 07-02-2010, 10:32 AM
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Default (Part 2) Howto: insert pics into your ads (easy instructions w/ screenshots)

PART 2 (broken up due to forum limitations)

(6) Select the picture you wish to upload, a random knife picture is used in his example:

(7) Now click the Upload button to actually upload your pictures from your computer to their website:

(8) If this is the first time you have uploaded a picture, you will see a screen like the below. Click on the indicated link Always skip this step so you never see this garbage again:

(9) Your picture is now on their website, the last step is to actually insert it into your forum posting(s), which Photobucket makes very, very easy. Find your picture of choice from the thumbnails, and right below it are 4 text boxes - highlight the bottom one labeled IMG Code and copy that (CTRL+C or Rightmouse->Copy):

(10) Last step! Start to create your new post or reply to an existing thread to get the editing box on; your editing box may look fancier than the screenshot below depending on your personal forum settings. Now simply paste (CTRL+V or Rightmouse->Paste) into your post and it looks like this:

NOTE: in the last step you will notice a red circle around the [IMG] text. You cannot tell from this screenshot, but every image link must have the text [IMG] in front of it, and the text [/IMG] after it. These are the special codes that tell the forum that this is a picture and to show it inline. Your final line of text to show the picture should look like this, using your own picture of course in the middle:


Remember to use the Preview Post button on Calguns to see what it looks like first!
Old 07-02-2010, 10:34 AM
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Discussion and feedback regarding the new rule changes should be consolidate in this thread
Old 07-20-2010, 6:58 PM
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