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Survival and Preparations Long and short term survival and 'prepping'.

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Old 04-18-2023, 11:05 PM
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I have a few. What’s in them? Siht loads of guns and bullets.

-ΙΧΘΥΣ <><
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Old 04-20-2023, 12:28 PM
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SHTF? You have to define that. For some, it might be they crashed being stupid and just need to get home. For others, it might be civil unrest like we see nearly every day, but it is in isolated areas normally around government buildings or such. And for yet others, it is a massive collapse of society during a major global war.

On the later, it would be a nuke popping off over a major metropolitan area. And over other such large cities. Not likely to happen, but not 100% it wont either. In this case, worrying about a CCW permit should be your last thought. Trying to live should be your first priority. In the interim, Having a pistol unloaded and locked up in your go home bag with mags and ammo in a separate compartment would be the best. No permit needed for that.

And, in the case of the later, do you think any government representative is going to jack you up for NOT having a CCW? Not going to happen. Hell, those individuals are going to be doing the same as you. Just trying to live. I would think the most important thing here is to NOT forget we are all human and remember to be compassionate to your fellow humans, as long as they are being the same to you. We will need each other if this actually happens. B.
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Old 04-20-2023, 12:53 PM
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Since you said "urban" here's mine:

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Old 04-20-2023, 4:29 PM
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Originally Posted by damndave View Post
I've always had a bug out bag, but I also figure where the heck am I going to go? In the Los Angeles area, I will more than likely be hunkering down in my house where I have supplies. I never really thought of making a Get Home Bag until now. I'm a Realtor so I can be all over the place for work. But generally not further than 20-30 miles from home.

So far this is what I have in my Get Home Bag.

Basic IFAK
Nalgene 32oz bottle empty
Smart Water 1L sealed
Saywer Squeeze water filter
Sillcock key
Mylar Bivvy bag
Waterproof matches
Magnesium flint stick
DIY fire starter (wax/cotton)
Leatherman multi tool
Morakniv fixed blade knife
Pepper spray
Toilet paper
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Wipes
Energy bars
Battery bank + charging cables
Waterproof notepad
Zip ties (various sizes)

No CCW yet, but when I do I will have a pistol + 2 mags.
I'd add another cell phone charger bank, and a Beofeng 5 or better yet the waterproof 8watt B-9, and a pack of cigs and flask of whiskey even if you don't smoke or drink they might go a LONG way in a trade, especially in trying times. I'd consider a machete, too, maybe over the protruding handle with a pair of socks to stay under the radar. Not just for self defense but for actual "jungle" trail blazing through overgrown areas, and/or setting up camp. When I was doing some home repair and some security, I could eyeball from the street and see the first thing to do is some machete work so I wont be fighting overgrowth for the rest of the job.

What about Over The Counter meds such as DIARRHEA meds and some pain and pep pills, and "overnight bag" with a couple new sealed toothbrushes, floss, etc. IMO something like new sealed extra toothbrush and paste might also go a long way in a trade when everyone and their uncle is caught semi-stranded for hours or even days.

Also Deet and Sunblock, in a few individual packets.

While its an awkward item to pack, I'd recommend a hard hat (makes using headlamp much better) and safety vest with lots of big pockets, inside and out, including massive full back pocket that makes it a low hanging backpack for extra sweaters etc. The low hanging back pocket makes it work fine with higher riding back pack, and the hard hat and vest makes people believe you are connected to something semi-official so they wont screw with you, and the hard hat will protect your skull from throw rocks and bottles. Also good if you are walking on roads at night in unexpected places and lots of distracted drivers. Cops etc will assume you are "cleared" or otherwise wave you through after you make eye contact if you have hard hat and safety vest.

For "get home bag" I'd lean towards stuff I'd also feel comfortable passing out to fellow travellers/strandees, and thats another reason why I lean toward a small packet of individual small tools such as mini-vise grips, mini-hack, mini-multi-driver VS a single big $100+ Leatherman. For flashlight in addition to your Good One, I suggest the Walmart $1 with 3 AAA batts. Replace the Wal-batts with good ones, then you got a light you can hand out as well as someone might need AAA batts. I'd go with at least two sealed water bottles again so you can make friends and pass one out to fellow travelers and not risk getting their kooties when they lip it and want to pass it back to you.

I'm seriously considering adding Smoke Bombs to my EDC/ get home type load out. Basically use like an ink squirting squid to aid escape while it creates 90 secs of good strong FUD among enemy.

See my posts in Camp Site Security. Likely you'd be wanting to hole up somewhere and get some sleep so you'd want warning if someone is approaching. And of course a DRONE, so you can eyeball whats ahead and avoid sleepwalking into trouble. IMO being "drone raped" will at least put serious FUD into any bad actors. They know they've been scanned but don't know by who, so will likely go defensive and "go to the mattresses" at least for the time being.

Probably the #1 GHB item would be an EXTRA cell phone in addition to your main phone, and have it protected and hidden (probably like CCW and not in The Bag) so if you get mugged and bag and main phone is stolen or broken, etc. For GHB situation I'm thinking items that could be TRADED for favors to Get Home might be more important that items for your personal use, and an extra cheap but working and charged burner phone could be worth its weight in gold.

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Old 04-21-2023, 9:41 AM
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Originally Posted by jimmykan View Post
Since you said "urban" here's mine:

Actually, rather brilliant. It would keep the Antifa/Tranny crowd occupied while you escape.
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Old 05-18-2023, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by deckhandmike View Post
^They make pretty nifty folding bikes that fit in a trunk. You could be home by dinner. Some cash and a little pre planning make most of our get home scenarios pretty tame. We got good weather here. We?re very lucky.
This is the reason I bought a 50cc scooter not for me to get home, but to get my wife who works 18 miles away. Last earthquake cars we either abandoned or stuck on the freeways so a smallish scooter can weave around obstacles more easily and of course be outfitted with the appropriate gear to repel any thing that gets in my way
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Old 05-18-2023, 1:38 PM
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For a portable radio make sure it has a headphones jack and you have a set of earbuds. That way you can keep quiet while listening to broadcasts.
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Old 05-25-2023, 1:49 PM
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Originally Posted by AdamVIP View Post
For a portable radio make sure it has a headphones jack and you have a set of earbuds. That way you can keep quiet while listening to broadcasts.
It will also use less power making your batteries last longer
All things being equal...
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