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Old 06-01-2011, 8:47 AM
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Default 2011 NorCal TBRC AAR

The 2011 5th Annual NorCal TBRC is now in the books. We had 66 competitors battle over 2 days in roughly a 200 round count course of fire.

I would like to thank all the competitors that traveled from near and far to make this year’s match. It’s an honor having everyone with us this past weekend, and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did putting on this event. Our range crew truly appreciates everyone being safe, with no major safety issues needing to be addressed.

I believe our prize table spoke for itself, and all I can say is thank you to the generous sponsors we had support this year’s NorCal TBRC. After some last minute shipments, I believed the prize table was in the arena of $55,000.00 +.

Our sponsors put enough out there for all the competitors and range crew to go through twice, and then some. Everyone walked away with something nice no matter where they finished. Due to a few sponsors jumping on board last minute, I will have to post the complete list tomorrow. CS Tactical has the majority of them listed on the TBRC highlight thread. Once again, I would like thank our sponsors on behalf of NCPPRC for their support. Out event would not be what it is without your support.

And who can forget our “red shirt brigade”. 35 men and women of NCPPRC worked very hard over the last 4 days, setting up, putting on, and tearing down to make everything flow smoothly for our 66 competitors. They make my job so easy, it’s ridiculous. I pretty much cruised around all weekend in a golf cart visiting with competitors, and make sure things were flowing according to schedule. Thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication!

Day 1:

Alpha and Bravo Squad was assigned to the 1K Range. Alpha was shooting first, with Bravo shooting 2nd relay.

Charlie and Delta was assigned to the Steel Range.
We had a weather system move in on Saturday which turned what was already a challenging Course of Fire into something out of a nightmare for quite a few shooters. Our COFs are designed so that our top level competitors should be around 70% area, however by the end of the day on Saturday; it was more like 50% or less due to weather conditions.

A lot of people talk about high winds at their local range, but Sac Valley is a hard range to shoot in windy conditions due to the hilly terrain. Scores on day one reflected the conditions that everyone had to shoot in. By the time everyone was shooting the winds were blowing 25 to 30mph+, then the rain came. Most of us blame the crews out of Washington and Oklahoma for the bad weather.

We had a stage that was thrown out due to me not thinking about cross fires @ 100yards. George Gardner was kind enough to bring up a few issues he saw only after 6 shooters shot the stage. After thinking about the options, I decided to scrap the stage. Next year I will figure out how to run that stage properly.

We ended the day with a catered BBQ from Sierra Smoke House which everyone seemed to enjoy after a rough day on the range.

Day 2:

The squads flip flopped ranges.
Talk about a complete change in weather conditions, it was sunny with VERY light winds. David Skit dominated the 1K range with a 647 4X out of 830pts possible. 36 rounds were fired from 800 to 1Kyards. Total round count for the 1K range was 79 rounds.

On the steel range, the Alpha Squad and Bravo squad went to work taking advantage of the great shooting conditions. All the competitors knew that Sunday would be the day to either make ground, or extend their lead do to the weather conditions on the first day. Some were playing catch up, and some were putting it in high gear.

After all the rounds were down range, Francis “The Animal” took home the win by shooting an 886.12 on the steel range. I’ll get exact numbers in the next few days but I believe he shot near the 80% range of the possible score.

Congrats to Francis on his 2nd TBRC win. Francis took home first place at the 2009 TBRC as well. He is the first shooter to win a 2nd TBRC in our club’s history.

2nd to 10th honors goes to the following shooters:

Top 10 Overall
1st Place Kuehl, Francis 1450.12 5X
2nd Place Emmons, Richard 1228.78 3X
3rd Place Milkovich, Tim 1199.00 2X
4th Place Powers, Todd 1188.35 4X
5th Place McGinnis, Matt 1187.00 1X
6th Place Jefferies, James 1181.91 4X
7th Place Keim, Jason 1181.35 3X
8th Place Denny, Jacob 1169.15 2X
9th Place Kerr, Ryan 1163.42 1X
10th Place Gardner, George 1162.85 2X

Caliber Stats:

308win - 20%
284win - 2%
260rem - 32%
243win - 17%
6.5x47 - 6%
6.5cm - 9%
Other - 15%

Will post more and pics in the next few days. We had 1000s of pictures taken this weekend by about 6 different people.

Thank you to all involved in another great TBRC!

Please visit us @ for more info.
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Old 06-01-2011, 8:48 AM
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Nor Cal
Posts: 2,553
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2011 NorCal TBRC Results

1 Kuehl, Francis 1,450.12 5X 100.0% 260rem
2 Emmons, Richard 1,228.78 3X 84.7% 6xc
3 Milkovich, Tim 1,199.00 2X 82.7% 6xc
4 Powers, Todd 1,188.35 4X 81.9% 260rem
5 McGinnis, Matt 1,187.00 1X 81.9% 243win
6 Jefferies, James 1,181.91 4X 81.5% 243win
7 Keim, Jason 1,181.35 3X 81.5% 243win
8 Denny, Jacob 1,169.15 2X 80.6% 260rem
9 Kerr, Ryan 1,163.42 1X 80.2% 243win
10 Gardner, George 1,162.85 2X 80.2% 243win
11 Soulie, Marc 1,133.01 3X 78.1% 243win
12 LaVine, Matt 1,130.58 1X 78.0% 260rem
13 Ducos, Joe 1,124.00 4X 77.5% 260rem
14 Bolves, Brad 1,119.00 3X 77.2% 260rem
15 Lorenzo, Dennis 1,113.86 7X 76.8% 260rem
16 Roberts, Tim 1,103.44 2X 76.1% 7wsm
17 Case, Travis 1,102.00 2X 76.0% 7saum
18 Cecil, Mike 1,083.13 1X 74.7% 260rem
19 Ruby, Jay 1,076.00 4X 74.2% 260rem
20 Howard, Neal 1,057.64 1X 72.9% 6.5cm
21 Kerley, David 1,047.80 2X 72.3% 243win
22 Ristich, Mike 1,037.77 0X 71.6% 260rem
23 Parker, Shane 1,031.59 1X 71.1% 6.5x47
24 Skitarelic, David 1,030.00 4X 71.0% 260rem
25 Bowen, Jerry 1,019.09 3X 70.3% 260rem
26 Guiffreda, Vinny 1,004.00 1X 69.2% 260rem
27 Milkovich, Scott 997.72 4X 68.8% 260rem
28 Milkovich, Regina 997.00 3X 68.8% 6xc
29 Drake, Kevin 951.01 3X 65.6% 6.5cm
30 Canupp, Tim 943.00 4X 65.0% 308win
31 Breedlove, Adam 939.70 5X 64.8% 7mm
32 Parks, Scott 918.30 3X 63.3% 6.5x47
33 Yeung, Bryan 906.00 2X 62.5% 6.5cm
34 Roberts, Charlie 897.00 0X 61.9% 6.5x47
35 Springer, Scott 886.00 3X 61.1% 260rem
36 Sanders, Brian 869.73 1X 60.0% 284win
37 Sandretto, Don 864.00 4X 59.6% 243win
38 Kreslake, Kurtis 863.00 3X 59.5% 260rem
39 Gimmellie, Tony 835.56 0X 57.6% 308win
40 Lu, Jason 822.00 1X 56.7% 260rem
41 Williams, Eric 814.00 1X 56.1% 260rem
42 Christansen, James 805.88 2X 55.6% 6.5cm
43 Olin, Kim 799.00 0X 55.1% 260rem
44 Nitzschke, Michael 792.00 4X 54.6% 308win
45 Sinnema, Ron 788.00 2X 54.3% 243win
46 Cordes, Roger 773.27 3X 53.3% 308win
47 Robertson, Charley 771.00 3X 53.2% 6.5cm
48 Stuurmans, Scott 759.00 1X 52.3% 7mm
49 Victor, Michael 756.00 0X 52.1% 308win
50 Newman, Jerry 748.00 1X 51.6% 6x47
51 McAlary, Shane 722.00 2X 49.8% 243win
52 Embley, Brian 703.00 1X 48.5% 6.5cm
53 Paul, Alex 696.00 0X 48.0% 308win
54 Taylor, Earl 670.00 0X 46.2% 7saum
55 Hernandez, Joe 630.00 1X 43.4% 308win
56 Hellmer, Werner 617.60 4X 42.6% 308win
57 Workinger, Bear 609.00 0X 42.0% 308win
58 Shackle, Ron 589.00 1X 40.6% 6.5x47
59 Stone, Kurt 586.00 2X 40.4% 243win
60 Tanner, Hugh 571.00 0X 39.4% 308win
61 Price, Conner 556.00 1X 38.3% 260rem
62 McDonald, Derek 524.00 0X 36.1% 308win
63 Fertal, Jeff 519.00 0X 35.8% 308win
64 Young, Keith 478.00 1X 33.0% 260rem
65 Kyle, Jason 382.00 0X 26.3% 308win
66 Vibbert, Jake 318.00 0X 21.9% 7mm


Case, Travis 1 Alpha
Cordes, Roger 2 Alpha
Drake, Kevin 3 Alpha
Emmons, Richard 4 Alpha
Gardner, George 5 Alpha
Robertson, Charley 6 Alpha
Keim, Jason 7 Alpha
Kerley, David 8 Alpha
Kerr, Ryan 9 Alpha
Kuehl, Francis 10 Alpha
LaVine, Matt 11 Alpha
Lorenzo, Dennis 12 Alpha
Cecil, Mike 13 Alpha
Sandretto, Don 14 Alpha
Powers, Todd 15 Alpha
Jefferies, James 16 Alpha
Newman, Jerry 17 Alpha
Yeung, Bryan 1 Bravo
Embley, Brian 2 Bravo
Lu, Jason 3 Bravo
Soulie, Marc 4 Bravo
Gimmellie, Tony 5 Bravo
McGinnis, Matt 6 Bravo
Milkovich, Regina 7 Bravo
Parks, Scott 8 Bravo
Roberts, Charlie 9 Bravo
Roberts, Tim 10 Bravo
Sanders, Brian 11 Bravo
Hernandez, Joe 12 Bravo
Shackle, Ron 13 Bravo
Denny, Jacob 14 Bravo
Howard, Neal 15 Bravo
McDonald, Derek 16 Bravo
McAlary, Shane 17 Bravo
Springer, Scott 1 Charlie
Bowen, Jerry 2 Charlie
Breedlove, Adam 3 Charlie
Christansen, James 4 Charlie
Ducos, Joe 5 Charlie
Milkovich, Scott 6 Charlie
Milkovich, Tim 7 Charlie
Nitzschke, Michael 8 Charlie
Ristich, Mike 9 Charlie
Ruby, Jay 10 Charlie
Canupp, Tim 11 Charlie
Sinnema, Ron 12 Charlie
Fertal, Jeff 13 Charlie
Kyle, Jason 14 Charlie
Vibbert, Jake 15 Charlie
Skitarelic, David 16 Charlie
Bolves, Brad 1 Delta
Guiffreda, Vinny 2 Delta
Hellmer, Werner 3 Delta
Kreslake, Kurtis 4 Delta
Parker, Shane 5 Delta
Paul, Alex 6 Delta
Olin, Kim 7 Delta
Stone, Kurt 8 Delta
Stuurmans, Scott 9 Delta
Tanner, Hugh 10 Delta
Taylor, Earl 11 Delta
Price, Conner 12 Delta
Williams, Eric 13 Delta
Workinger, Bear 14 Delta
Victor, Michael 15 Delta
Young, Keith 16 Delta

Please visit us @ for more info.
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Old 06-01-2011, 8:48 AM
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Join Date: Oct 2007
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iTrader: 17 / 100%

Top 308win - Timmmmmmay Canupp 943 0X

Top Long Range Shooter - David Skit 647 4X

Top Steel Shooter - Francis *The Animal* Kuehl 886.12

Fastest Shooter - Francis *The Animal* Kuehl 42.88 seconds

Top LE/Mil Shooter - Tim Milkovich

Please visit us @ for more info.
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Old 06-01-2011, 9:08 AM
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Location: Nor Cal
Posts: 2,553
iTrader: 17 / 100%

This year's prize table was just sick.

1st walked away with a GAP 308win
2nd walked away with a 6.5CM from Score High
3rd walked away with a 6.5Gren from Specialized Dynamics

4th - 7th walked away with high end optics from Premier, USO, Vortex, and Nightforce

8th - Swaro LRF

9th - KMW Sentinel Stock

10th - XLR Industrices Stock

Surefire Suppressors

Surefire custom knives

Surefire gave everyone EP4 ear plugs. That is like 1500.00 in ear plugs alone.

TAD Gear was onsite with a ton of prizes for everyone.

The support from our sponsors was amazing!

Video and pictures to come.

Please visit us @ for more info.
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Old 06-07-2011, 10:09 PM
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Nor Cal
Posts: 2,553
iTrader: 17 / 100%

Video has been added to the original post above. We hope videos like these help to grow the sport and add value for all the sponsors. We invite you to leave comments on this video on our blog and YouTube page, as well as share this video with anyone who is looking to learn more and/or follow the sport more:

Link To the Video on our blog:

Link To YouTube Video Page:


Mason @ CST

PS More TBRC Photos here:

Please visit us @ for more info.
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