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Originally Posted by Jax Smirking Revenge View Post
How funny that on the same day I was going to post to this thread someone else posts an OD Green AK. When I Duracoated mine two weeks ago I was searching and searching to find one and couldn't. Anyway, here's mine. It is a converted Saiga 7.62x39.

what rail is that?
Originally Posted by deadcoyote View Post
I will sit by the freshwater creek that runs through my yard and laugh, wait for the bay area folks to start trickling north, then sell off my cheapie C&R collection at inflated prices. "You like my sporterized M44 mosin eh? I'll take your middle daughter and all your jewlery".
you just gotta know how to work these situations.
Originally Posted by Mitch View Post
"Ruger semi-auto pistols are well made, but they are ugly.Life is too short to collect ugly guns"
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Butt-stroking is for wooden rifles
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