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Originally Posted by guest1 View Post
How many more calgunners and their real life experiences of not paying tax on out of state private party purchases will it take for you to come to the conclusion that not all FFLs agree with your interpretation?
Well, if you looked at the information from the CA BOE, then you would understand that you are wrong. It is NOT my interpretation, it is what the CA BOE has stated. It USED to be the case, but the CA BOE changed their view even though the law has not changed and I have letters from them about it. It is annoying, but it is what it is.

Based on your "logic", one would assume it is legal to exceed the speed limit because so many drivers do so all the time, but some get caught and you don't see all of those who get caught.

Please don't tell people false information. I doubt that ANY CA FFL wants to collect the sales tax, but they are REQUIRED to.

So while I have official information about it, what do you have other than your incorrect opinion?

Oh, to answer your question, it would take infinite more calgunners. I also don't care that not all FFLs agree with the LAW as stated by the CA BOE, not my interpretation. I don't agree with the CA BOE, but I have not been successful it getting it changed. What will it take to get you to understand such a simple concept that the law trumps experiences which violate the law?
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