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Tehachapi is a great town, I have property up in three of the local mountains, & I would leave trails of dog food. When the animals came out I watched with the neighbors & my relatives. The FAR WEST END OF TEHACHAPI OVERLOOKS THE BAKERSFIELD VALLEY!!!! I got this idea from the "youtube" hunters, in Tehachapi they have boar, deer, bear, raccoons, possums, skunks, etc. The town is turning Liberal!! But far north of the 58 freeway, before the Lake Isabella area, the hunting is great. I have about 1500 acres in the 178/14/58 triangle. This area has tons of Hunting Mammals, bear, boar, deer, etc. and the neighbors constantly call and tell stories of 100's of lbs. of meat taken in the TRIANGLE (178x14x58) including north of Lake Isabella! As for Orange County CCW students, your wasting your time trying to get us City Dwellers up there.
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