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Default 2020 in the USAR was $@*! to me

2020 was a terrible year for me. I was deployed when COVID hit. Prior to getting locked down I wrecked my knee, ACL and both mensci torn, torn calf muscle, and 3 fractures. I hobbled around on lockdown for 3 months until we were able to come home.

Went up to the SRU in WA for surgery and rehab. Now after 6 months of rehab and exercising 3-5 hours a day I find out I re-tore my ACL and medial meniscus. So, back to square one. Will meet up with ortho next week to discuss. Still haven't been home and I'm going on 19 months.

I suppose the silver lining is I get a good chunk of dough for BAH considering HOR is in the Bay area.
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