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Default Randall Made Knives Factory Visit

I’m in Orlando, Florida for a trade show this week and made my way over to the Randall Made retail showroom, production factory and museum today to check it out and put in an order for a #28 Woodsman. Randall Made’s current lead time is 6-years; yes, you can get them in 14-18 months by going though a Randall dealer, but I want one that’s ordered at the factory for my collection.

Super nice people at Randall Made, I talked for a while with Bo Randall’s grandson who greeted my friend and I at their museum and walked us through the first half before another visitor took him back to the front desk; Bo’s grandson was wearing a Springfield Armory Inc. baseball cap today in the museum, he likes their 1911 pistols.

Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures inside the museum, but it’s very impressive and housed in the Randall family home, the museum is at least 2000 sq. ft. and has production, one-offs and prototype knives and other edged weapons made by Randall Made as well as Bo Randall’s personal collection of pocket folders, fixed blade knives, bayonets, swords and spears, hatchets and axes, throwing edge and spike pieces and much more. There was no charge to tour the Randall Made museum.

The factory is at the end of a long driveway on the east side of Orlando, the first 1/4 mile off the main drag is densely landscaped, if there was no sign on the street you’d never know it’s back there...

The production shop is behind the showroom, the Randall home and museum is 150-yards down the road.

This is the #28 Woodsman (4.5” blade length), I customized the one I ordered today w/a green Micarta handle, a nickel silver hilt and nickel silver wrist throng furrule. The man who took my order advised me on Randall authorized dealers and gave me a business card of one of their preferred dealers in Illinois who sells at factory retail, unlike most Randall Made dealers, PM me if you want the contact info..

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