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Since it is raining and I cannot be outside working, I'll add one final note about the aftermath of the debris flows. As bad as the fire aftermath was, if you have a bad debris flow, your life will be much worse. Roads will be damaged and blocked and you will be forced to improvise for extended periods of time. You will be on your own and you will need to figure out how to make things happen. While doing this you will need to deal with obstructionist local Gov agencies that have no real interest in helping.

For example;
After the debris flow hit we cleared 1.5 miles of public road to get down to the state highway. We waited over a week for the county to clear 1/2 mile of road so we could get to town and resupply. They finally did it and we went down to pick up food, pet food, gas, diesel, and water. The next day we started to go down to fully stock up and they had blocked all of the roads. They said if we left we would not be allowed to come back. I called our local Sherriff's office who was in charge and asked why and was told it was because the roads were impassable. I informed him we had used them the day before and he said it didn't matter and we should get out. Since the road was impassable they would send a helicopter to pick me, my family, and pets up. I reiterated to him we have driven to the store the day before and he said that couldn't have happened and told me the helicopter could be there in 45 minutes and asked where it should land. This is the mentality you will be dealing with.

For the year after the debris flow we have been forced to use a circuitous route to get in and out of our neighborhood and that route necks down to a single lane in 2 different places. All traffic including the equipment doing the cleanup use that single route and travel is compromised. It used to take ~10 minutes to get to the freeway, but during this time it could take up to 1/2 hr. Calls to county offices and local officials were never answered or returned and so the status quo prevailed for way to long.

Last week after a year the county finally re-opened 2 more roads into our area so we can move about more freely. I spoke with the local Caltrans reps during the course of the ongoing work and was told the county had stopped work on occasions for things like wanting a specific Architect to design the bridge railings, and having to wait for his availability. I was also told they did want commuter using the roads so they needed them closed to through traffic. As I have said throughout this, do not expect help from your local officials and in our case, they seemed to actually get in the way and didn't care about our issues.

On a final note, Good Luck to all that have to go through any of this. Do all that you can to prep up front, but be prepared to be surprised by things you never expected. Be ready to adapt, keep a sense of humor, keep your loved ones close and make sure you have a good supply of alcohol or your favorite beverages stocked. A couple of neighbors forgot about the alcohol and it cost them dearly when they visited the bar at our place.

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