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Originally Posted by Sleighter View Post
First, congratulations Mark on getting approved and through the process. I’m glad to see you’re not holding up the issuance stats anymore! (J/k)

Second, I’ve recently met with the ccw unit and they are increasing the amount of employer letters they want. Basically, if you reference any organizations (non-profits, church, volunteer, work) then the new policy is Bianco wants that org to fill out the employment form or have them write a letter corroborating your GC. This is a new policy and makes some of the good causes used in the past harder if you don’t want to have someone else submit letters or fill out forms.

I’m a little disappointed to see Bianco require more paperwork instead of less for ccw issuance. Especially since getting more permits out there was a big part of his campaign.

I also asked about using just “self defense” as a GC and was told that hasn’t been approved and they still require some form of written explanation. So that was the current state of policy within the last couple of weeks.
Wonder if they will require something, say hypothetically, you take call at a hospital and get called in in the middle of the night?
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