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Clean Up-
After the fire comes through if you lost any buildings, you will need to do cleanup. Something that may be of interest if you find yourself in this situation.

For our property, all of our lost buildings we wooden so they burned to the ground leaving only things that were not flammable. This left a significant amount of heavy debris that needed to be disposed of. I contacted a local trash firm (Marborg) and they said if I had clean scarp metal, there would be no weight charge for hauling it away. Over the next month I filled 3 20' rolloffs with scrap metal. I was charged $3/day for rental of the rolloff and a nominal delivery/pick up fee for each roll off, but no weight charge. You just need to be careful to ensure it is only metal as if they find anything else in it, they will charge you the full weight fee.

One thing you might want to do before starting the cleanup is to buy a wheeled magnetic pick up device. Your property may be covered in nails and flats on your work vehicles suck. I cleaned the ground frequently but still had an occasional flat on my truck. I am still rolling the magnetioc pick through the affected places and finding nails and screws. Harbor freight has an inexpensive pick up for this.

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