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Default Experiences with the Thomas Fire and subsequent Debris flow

I've been meaning to post in this thread for a while but have been busy with clean up so I have been waiting for some down time to post We were hit with the Thomas fire in Dec of 2017 and then were hit with the follow up debris flow in Jan of 2018. There is a lot of good information in this sun forum, but I'll add my experiences from the last year and what has transpired since the events of a year ago. I'll try to post periodically about various things as time permits but feel free to ask about anything that you might be interested in.

Things I'll try to go over are prep/planning, (what I did and what I would do differently), dealing with evacuations ( expect to be told you cannot go home for weeks not days), cleaning up, rebuilding, Gov help (the feds were great, the state/local govs sucked and continue to suck), running the Insurance gauntlet (I have USAA and they have been horrible, AIG, AAA, and Allstate really took care of business for their policy holders), and what you can expect from utilities (weeks for power/internet, land line over 3 months).

Please keep in mind this will be for my experience and observations based on what happened at my place and is only my opinion. Your experience will be dependent on your particular situation

FWIW, I posted a lessons learned in the off topic section after the fire and if you are interested, here is the link. The mods can decide if it might be better in this sub forum.

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