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Originally Posted by Preston-CLB View Post
My valid DL has my PO Box address. My vehicle registration has both my PO Box (for mailing), and my Residence address.

The AFS, I am fairly certain, shows my residence address, as input during DROS.

The flow chart from CRPA
says "Does your California Driver License or ID match your AFS Record?"

Apparently, mine does not.


Will I have to go through the Basic Ammunition Eligibility Check procedure w/ the $19 fee?


If I show both my DL and registration, will I be OK for the point of sale BG check.

Color me...confused.

Any clarification will greatly appreciated. Thanks,

I'm wondering the same thing. I bet %40-%50 of the gun owning population don't have a drivers licenses with their current address matching in AFS .. I haven't seen anything that indicates you can use documents other than a drivers license, so it seems to me the $19 applies.

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