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Default I was bored, so I picked up CZ 455 Stainless.

I was bored with f-king news about China virus, so I picked up new CZ 455 American in stainless.

I plan to take it apart, KRG Bravo chassis will replace original stock and some kind of bull barrel will replace original barrel.
I am trying to decide between IBI, Bartlein and Lothar-Walther barrels. IBI is 22" reasonably inexpensive and has a good reputation. I like that it is 22". Wouldn't mind getting 24" to 26" barrel
Lothar-Walther barrels are good, but it is 20.5" threaded and with unknown chamber. My Kidd 10/22 barrel started life as Lothar-Walther barrel blank, it is very accurate.
Bartlein has very good reputation, but it is more expensive, though by not much, I just have not really looked into them.
Lilja barrels have been getting a lot of bad press for inconsistent accuracy and spotty customer service.

No idea what scope I will get, something in 5-35x range.

It is so much more fun planning a new .22 LR build, then thinking about f-king China virus.

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