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Is this still the road this community wants to follow or should we pick a new path?
Stay the course, adapt where necessary.
Should we refocus towards a single political ideology or Party?
I think hearing both sides of the 2A debate is important no matter what side your on.
Should we forego the family and workplace friendly requirements expecting that younger members now are more 'worldly' and parents won't mind them seeing adult language, images and topics here?
God, Family, Guns. My opinion is using adult language, images, and topics would hurt the community overall. Let people that would like to share that do it via PM or other means.
Should we limit discussion to solely pro-2A and not allow members to post opinions and views that aren't pro 2A?
While I am pro-2A I don't expect anyone else to be. I wouldn't force someone to use firearms and I would hope the other side wouldn't force anyone to give up their 2nd amendment.
Should we loosen or remove the rules mandating civil discussion and behavior among members, allow insults, name calling and rude posts?
Civil discourse should be important to any gun owner.
Should we focus more on being a 'gun talk' community and less on 2A rights, moving towards being a social community rather than a civil rights focused community?
Yes and NO
I say both. Kestryll is right we are in a bad situation. We should be focused on civil rights. Being newer to this community I am still figuring out how to be active in the civil rights aspect beyond paying dues to the NRA or another gun rights advocacy group. I wan't my son to have his right when I am gone.
I like gun talk too but there won't be any gun talk if people loose their civil liberties. Let people know how they can get involved and keep the gun talk forums.
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