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Default LAX Ammo Parking Lot Sale: Horrible!

I'm never going to LAX Ammo for a parking lot sale again! I got there and drove through their open gate into the parking lot, and an attendant comes out yelling at me that the lot was full and I had to leave. Fortunately someone happened to be leaving and offered me his parking spot. I got out of my car and they had about a third of the parking lot reserved for the "parking lot sale" (okay I get it). I saw a bunch of people standing in line outside near a tent with some bulk ammo for sale, but nothing I needed so I started walking in to look around. There was one guy that I guess worked there, and it turns out the line of about 20 people was for background checks. One guy doing backgrounds checks for the entire parking lot sale! I tuned around and left, never again am I going to an LAX Ammo parking lot sale. Horrible!
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