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Originally Posted by SVT-40 View Post
If your relative has been arrested and charged with domestic violence his firearms could have already been confiscated, and or they could be confiscated at any time. California mandates firearm seizures because of domestic violence charges.

Regarding charges being "trumped up".

There had to have been a triggering event between him and his spouse. During this event his spouse would have had to make the domestic violence claim to the police.

If there was an arrest for domestic violence there could also be a DV restraining order in place...

This DVRO would make possession of firearms a crime...

Your relative should at his earliest convenience transfer ALL of his firearms to a trusted friend or relative...
There doesn't have to be an event, just a claim. Women know this tactic or are coached in it by their lawyers.
Originally Posted by OCEquestrian View Post
Excellent! I am thinking about it as well and I only have 4 points and an unfortunate "match bump" up to expert classification where I am far less "competitive" with my peers there.
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