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If any of you are denied it is always prudent to appeal. If you are denied it is an abrogation of your rights. Don't ever just role over. Go in there and charm them or cuss them out. I was denied 3-4 times out of 7 in SD county and appealed and was granted CCW 2 X after appeal. It's OK to call a cop or clerk an A hole if it helps you. And it might. The more you prolong the process, things change, you're still in the game. I played the appeal game for almost 11 months at the end of which I received LTC in 2005. The picture below is Sheriff Kolander awarding me the flat badge of Honorary Sheriff's Deputy in 2005. There should be a thousand applications in LA right now. Because you're white, because you're black, because you're Mexican, because you're a woman, and because you're old and asian. Demand it, why are things different in Orange, SD, and the other 50 counties that follow BORs?Don't ever walk away without appealing. When appealing it's common that you see someone higher on the food chain, often a sworn LEO.

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