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You aren't related to kendog by any chance?

Originally Posted by fguffey View Post
Many years ago I said "for the worst of cases", I purchased 1,400 military once fired cases. It is needless to say I purchased them on the cheapen, no one wanted the cases. At 1 cent each I did not think I could go wrong.

I threw a few cases into a tumbler and ran them for days and days. They came out clean but at the range I got snarky looks. SO? I went back a bunch of years to another time and a different set of problems. When it came to soaking and cleaning they limited to time to less than 2 minutes 30 seconds. Any more time than 2 minutes 30 seconds they were left with no case.

So I decided if they were cleaning with an acid I could do the same but with less acid. For those that can keep up less acid means more time. I settled on 5% vinegar for 15 minutes maximum. AND THEN! I decided there was an reason/rational for for washing the cases after cleaning in an acid. In the beginning they rinsed the cases 3 times in boiling water.

I decided to reduce the rinse to 2 times in boiling water and then once in clean clear water. After that I tumbled the cases for one hour. I still have some of those cases. When it came to cleaning those cases I reduced the tumbling time by 14 days. But I only went through that much work for the worst of cases.

After that reloaders started developing their own cute way to clean cases. They do not have "the worst of cases".

F. Guffey
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