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Thank you for the info tokuno, Iím in Union City and always looking for a good place to shoot. Iíll have to check them out

Originally Posted by tokuno View Post
The hardest part was getting someone to sponsor me, and then having the patience to wait for an invitation to start the process, because there's a fixed # of available memberships, so you have to wait for an opening on the roster.

Since I live reasonably near by, the rest was easy (some folks come from quite a distance away):

4 monthly meetings: free dinner, enjoyable conversations, then just a fly-on-the-wall while the club conducts a brief business meeting.

5 monthly 4-hour work parties: I'm a home handyman, so it's enjoyable to paint, hammer, drill, sweep, or whatever is needed for routine maintenance and minor update chores for four hours on a Sunday morning (including a free lunch and more enjoyable conversation)

R&P Range Safety Officer training plus a session of ghosting the other Safety Officers to learn the ropes (very useful & informative training - strong emphasis on safety, of course).

Trap Officer training (again, useful, informative, and pretty cool to see how it
all works behind the scenes).

It's nice to have the range access (never or rarely crowded during member hours - it's like having your own private range, sometimes), but for me, an equal, if not better benefit is having a comfortable place to hang out with like-minded Bay Areans and the ability to learn and improve from them, too.

Felt more like a fun, educational, social experience than hoops.
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