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Originally Posted by audiophil2 View Post
I guess that depends on how elaborate and the size. Plus access to the property. My 40 acre lot is an easy drive on paved and graded roads. Not much vegetation so berms will be easy to make. I'm thinking of doing 3 or 4 stalls so multiple people can be there safely.

The 10 acre lot is close to a guy that has a large dozer so I might just pay him to update it than rent a skid steer or tractor. He could do the work in 1/10 the time since he is a pro and has a much larger bucket.
I would just want a single stall for myself to use. Mostly as a cya so that neighbors that complain about noise, and they will complain, won't get any traction from LE because it will be legal for me to shoot there.

The area I'm thinking of is flat and sound travels a long way. I'd probably be within earshot of 40 or 50 different neighbors.

So do you think it would be 3 figures? 4 figures? 5 (gulp) figures?
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