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Originally Posted by Mike Armstrong View Post
Maybe one of these years, I'll learn to read, not just how to read....

Francotte is best known in the US for their Stoeger-imported "Knockabout" double shotguns, which are, in spite of their model name, as good as any US-made double, IMO. Before people figured that out they were a really great buy, some Americans passed them up as "just another cheap Belgian double".

Francotte's have long been a choice in Britain of many hunters who just can't quite afford a "bespoke London double." Including double rifles!

Compared to the SA Colt Navies common to British officers in the Crimea, your DA .50 would have been a real lifesaver, as the anecdote illustrates.
Yes - there are very poor quality Belgian rip offs, and then there very fine quality Belgian arms made for Kings and heads of state.

The fact that this was produced for Le Page in Paris, defines the quality somewhat.

For someone who learned to shoot with an FN FAL variant and a Browning GP35 variant - I would be amiss to diss Belgian arms.
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