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Originally Posted by Divernhunter View Post
Just remember those shooting matches and such I doubt you had to come on an internet site and ask about reloading and if it is worth it??? Those that do post such questions are usually shooter who are not in high volume comp or own hard to find cartridges they want to shoot A LOT of rounds in. You are comparing apples and oranges. So IF you have to ask then it is probably not for you. Most that reload either wanted to from the start or were forced into it due to things like comp and using high volumes of ammo. The 2 reasons also often call for different equipment to be used also
I agree with this. I don't love reloading. I wasn't really sure I would before I did it. So it wasn't like I was interested in doing it as a hobby. Once I started competing, I realized quick that I had to start reloading in order to support the amount of shooting I would need to do to become good at it. And it's not so much the ammo count for matches. It's the amount of ammo you can burn through in training. I shoot at least 1000 rounds a month and that's only because I don't have easy access to a range that allows me to move and shoot. That's gonna change for me soon and I expect to at least double my round count. I couldn't do this if not for reloading.

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