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Originally Posted by CVShooter View Post
What's interesting here is that a lot of folks here are levying a criticism of "having an axe to grind," a bias or some other mental/emotional process that distorts information to come up with a predetermined outcome.

Here's the newsflash for you -- we all do. And nowhere is this more apparent than in discussions of faith. We all know Aslan is Muslim. Okay, so what? Does he have something useful to offer you as a scholar about your understanding of your own faith? I think so. But take it or leave it.

Once again, irony rears its head. To think that you are somehow objective in your assessment of his information is naive at best and horribly vain at worst. We are all biased. We know Aslan's bias. But do you know your own? If you are a committed, lifelong follower of Jesus, come hell or high water, and committed to expanding his church, then you have a bias as well. You are going to have a very difficult time accepting information that challenges your point of view. You have an axe, too. Welcome to humanity.
i shake my head similarly at atheists that claim they would be just as good a person in the complete absence of religion.
of course i have to point out that they, having the benefit of growing up in a judeo/christian society, they cannot possibly guess what they would be like without this religious moral foundation. it is inescapable, even if you never set foot in a church or synagogue.
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