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" The mystery is how did it get there? "
From your clothes, tools, gear, shoes, socks.
You washed your hands but if you handled anything you used that day after you washed your hands that wasn't cleaned off first then you re-contaminated yourself.
I got PO really bad one time and now I have to be really careful around it.
In PO season I wear old socks, pants and long sleeved shirt when clearing trail and just drop them in the trash when I get home.
Shoes are old too and stay outside for several days, usually hosed off and sun dried for a few days before use again.
Tools get blasted with brake cleaner and WD40 and are wiped down.

A hot shower to clean up after the trail work causes the skin pores to open up and let in the PO.
Have to take a cool shower when using the Tech-Nu or others.
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