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Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
Since you're used to a revolver, you might want to check out the Ruger LCR in .327 Federal Magnum. I'd load it with .32 H&R Magnum. (Think of the .327 Fed mag as the .32 equivalent of the .357 mag and the .32 H&R mag as the .32 equivalent of the .38 spl +P) The .32 LCR will have 6 shots vs 5 for a .38 (20% more rounds) and will have less recoil and will be effective with modern ammo, like the Hornady Critical Defense load. If you want the version with the exposed hammer (vs hammerless), that's the LCRx.


Revolvers can be bulkier, but their bulk has curves, so it is less obvious what it is, whereas the straight lines and sharp angles of a semi scream "gun!" Plus, if you have to draw and fire while pushing the muzzle of the gun against a Bad Guy, a revolver will still work whereas most semis will get pushed out of battery and will not fire. Last, a little hammerless snubbie like the Ruger can fit in your coat pocket with your hand holding it while you walk and you can even shoot it through your coat without even drawing it. (Saving your life, but ruining your coat.)

Wish you the best!

ETA: since I see you're a newbie, (1) avoid problems by obeying the 4-Stupids Rule (avoid being around Stupid people, going to Stupid places, doing Stupid things, or being out at Stupid times). (2) remember to carry pepper spray because most "problems" do not call for deadly force. I could say a lot more, but just those 2 things will save you a lot of needless drama and headaches.
Seems like Lucky Gunner has come to the same conclusion re. the .32 H&R Mag.
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