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Originally Posted by pd5190 View Post
Find a better grade spring loaded airsoft pistol modeled after a real pistol in a style you like. The cardboard box with padding is a good idea as a pellet trap. I have gone away from co2 powered air guns just for the reason that when the seals have gone bad which will happen finding someone who can reseal them can be a problem from a time, distance and cost perspective.
How does any air powered gun get you away from pressure seals? CO2 gives you hundreds of thousands or shots and at least emulates semi-auto... IMHO hard to beat for the price. The seals I have that went bad were in ancient guns or stored incorrectly and replaceable o-rings like on Steel Storms, etc... YMMV. I have nitro piston and PCP that will get bad seals too. Even PCP pumps will get bad seals. Anything with pressurized gas or air.

Seems like a Airsoft would be fun but maybe not powerful enough and single shot.
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