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Originally Posted by popeye4 View Post
It isn't defined as a finite dimension, it is implied by saying the fire control group is separated from the action. I am assuming that means the hammer can't strike the firing pin (I don't know if that assumption is valid, but it seems reasonable to me). That means the two halves need to be separated by more than a mere few thousandths of an inch. I haven't measured the height of the hammer in my rifle, but the distance required to separate the receiver with the ARMaglock Gen 2 is about 0.025", which I figure doesn't disengage the hammer. The intent of the Kingpin is to allow the receiver to be slightly separated with the bolt retracted, which seems to be where it might step across the line.

And no, I don't want to be the test case, so I've uninstalled the Kingpin until either this gets resolved or I leave California.

I am not sure everyone understand that this has absolutely nothing to do with the Kingpin. It doesnt matter what pin you have on there. The fact of the matter is that I dont even need to have ANY pin in the rear takedown.

Lock the bolt back and go ahead and separate the receivers and you WILL be able to open it enough for the Maglock to release the magazine even with a standard takedown pin, a juggernaut, a cal catch, a Cross Armory, etc, etc, etc.

The kicker here is that the bolt is in NO position to fire since it is over the hammer thus by default the action is interrupted.

Again this is the only system that allows for mag changes when it absolutely cannot fire but I dont need the Kingpin to achieve this.
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