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Originally Posted by 4GLOCK30 View Post
Popeye...can you provide what regulation does in fact say what the "distance" upper & lower would need to be separated?

If there is such a regulation....I missed that memo..
There is no such requirement. The distance is not addressed specifically therefore any distance that can be demonstrated to satisfy the other requirements will suffice. It could be 30 inches. it could be a millimeter. So long as:

For example, disassembling the action on a two part receiver, like that on an AR-15 style firearm, would require the rear take down pin to be removed, the upper receiver lifted upwards and away from the lower receiver using the front pivot pin as the fulcrum
... [such that] ...
the fire control assembly is detached from the action in such a way that the action has been interrupted and will not function
If you are concerned about the "distance", separate them far enough that the hammer cannot contact the bolt when in the released position. That, in certain terms, demonstrates they have been detached to the extent that their function has been interrupted

(I am not a lawyer. That is not legal advice)
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