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Originally Posted by theLBC View Post
i shake my head similarly at atheists that claim they would be just as good a person in the complete absence of religion.
of course i have to point out that they, having the benefit of growing up in a judeo/christian society, they cannot possibly guess what they would be like without this religious moral foundation. it is inescapable, even if you never set foot in a church or synagogue.
Yes, but this is a modern phenomenon, not a permanent state of affairs in the scheme of human history. We've been around for over 200k years as homosapien (not including our other hominid ancestors), only about 4k years with any sort of Abrahamic religion and even that was pretty darned obscure among humans up until the Christianization of Rome. To say that humans are amoral without religion is a bit disingenuous -- both because humans can moral with or without religious beliefs but also because, as a species, we've never been without some sort of religion in some form -- even if just animism (our first and longest-running religion).

Morality and religion are like the Cub Scout Law (A scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Courteous, Kind...) in that it is not really a set of values practiced by the members so much as an agreed-upon set of values that the members are striving toward. So with regard to kids in scouting, the law is something they're working on, not something they possess any better than other kids. Same with Judeo-Christian morals -- they're a set of values that adherents are working on, not something they actually do any better than average. In other words, we're all still human.
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