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Originally Posted by ilikeguns View Post
Just watched the video. Thatís the lamest bunch of facts ever. The news flash is really that he was not white or black or from China but he was Jewish? That apart from the gospels we know that he was arrested for preaching about the kingdom of God? That we know a whole lot about Rome and the land he was in at that time? I canít believe this guy has made that much money on this book, which says nothing new about anything other than his running commentary which is not steeped in science but opinionated observation. This was dumb
I'm with you on that first part. But there are some fashionable trends in academia that need to get squashed for their absurdity. Too often, academics are speaking or writing to other academics, not the general public.

Steeped in science? This is history, not physics. "Social sciences" as they are called, are not real sciences. Things aren't really proven or disproved so much as supported by evidence or not supported by evidence. The difference is huge. Only naive historians think of themselves as practicing a true science. Archaeology is closer to a real science but still mostly like history.
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