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Originally Posted by riccardo1973 View Post
1) Is it legal to carry a Camillus USMC Mark2 at the waist in its sheath on trails in the wild of a official natural park (NPS) in California ?
I Am going to hike but afraid of any wild animal encounter.

2) Is it legal to carry the same knife in the trunk of your car anywhere in California ?

3) And in the glovebox is it legal ?

Just asking for not doing anything illegal by mistake.

1) Probably yes - check the website of each park; they seem more wary of firearms.

2) and (3) - the state does not seem to care (unless some state park has such a rule, check the websites), but cities and counties are allowed to have their own laws, so you'll have to check their websites, too.

See also the knife laws sticky -
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