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Originally Posted by socal m1 shooter View Post
A family member just got an HK USP 40, the full size, and would appreciate any IWB suggestions you care to make. He dresses in business casual most of the time. In cooler weather he could get away with OWB, but summer in his area is warmer than LA/OC.
I guess what I would like to know are his preferences, where on the body does he want to carry the weapon, AIWB, 3:30-4 (unless of course he is left handed) Does he want to carry one or two spare mags. Obviously the system has to be tuckable.

What holsters does he have experience with, is there something he wants to improve on vs. what he has had (if any). I don't want to give a knee jerk reaction and say buy my stuff.

Does he plan to carry a weapons mounted light? Optic sighting system. I will PM you my number, feel free to pass it on, more than happy to have a conversation.
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