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Originally Posted by Hokanut View Post
County Sheriffs decide whether CCW holders can carry standard cap mags or not within their respective jurisdictions. San Bernardino Sheriff says 10 rounds. Your mileage may vary but all of the cowboys here offering up their own "legal opinions" about carrying standard cap mags just because they think they can are setting someone up for a major problem if CCW's don't check with their own issuing agencies first. Now let the hate begin. IDGAF.
This is just plain wrong. No county Sheriff can decide if I can carry my legally owned mags. My IA can but, if I go into another jurisdiction and it does not have any local laws against possession of +10 round mags, a Sheriff can't just decide if I can carry them in his jurisdiction or not. Yes, I agree that taking legal advise from someone on the internet isn't prudent and, you've proven that by posting your idiotic opinion of the law and how you think it works. Your "legal opinion" has no legal basis and you clearly don't understand how the law works. A Sheriff can't just decide what is legal in his/her jurisdiction and what isn't legal there. The reality is, as long as my IA (County Sheriff or local PD) doesn't have a policy against it, there is only one Sheriff in CA who can decide that I can't carry them in his/her jurisdiction but, that is only because +10 round mags are illegal to possess in the City of San Francisco and, the City and County share the same boundaries.
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