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Originally Posted by kingransom View Post
Using a large-capacity magazine for CCW is utter stupidity. I don't care what the law may say, it's vague as hell and it's written that way so that they can charge you if they want to. We live in a very anti 2A state, if God forbid you had to pull your firearm and shoot another individual do you really want to give them any opening to charge you for that shooting? If you really need more than 10 rounds to protect yourself in a CCW situation, you're probably hanging out in the wrong part of town anyhow. Carry an extra magazine, stay out of jail and don't give the DA any reason to come after a law-abiding citizen for protecting their life.
So what law is it that turns a self defense shooting into anything other than self defense, based on the size of the magazine? Does the same law kick in if I carry more than 2 extra speed loader's for my j frame?
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