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Originally Posted by Supahrob View Post
The answer is "ignorance of the law (or rules) is no excuse."

Breaking the law, or the rules, makes you in the wrong. It could get you in a lot of trouble - to say the least! Do you honestly think telling an officer (or judge) that you never knew about the policy is going to change a damn thing?
And why would you be in front of a judge? Even if the IA has a policy against the use of LCMs during CCW carry, YOU'VE BROKEN NO LAW!

Originally Posted by Supahrob View Post
IF your IA does indeed have a policy, you NEED to know about it. IF they already have a policy since "Freedom Week," your asking about it isnt gonna change ANYTHING. But you wont know if thats the case until you ask. Whether you ask or not, the policy may well exist - and you are still accountable to said policy whether or not you knew about it.
No. You have a reliance on the IA's responsibility to inform you of changes in policy. I they had a policy against it, you would have been informed of it during your CCW training. If they've developed a policy in the past two weeks, they have a responsibility to inform you.

Think about agencies with 10k licenses. Which is more reasonable? The single agency notifies the 10k individuals with specific guidance or, 10k individuals call/write the agency asking for clarification on every issue not under a policy directive?
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