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Originally Posted by CaliTrav View Post
Best bet is to check with your issuing agency. Each agencies might feel different about it.
I have not asked yet how my agency feels about it.
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Law Enforcement agencies don’t have “feelings” about legality. They are regulatory and enforcement in nature.

If there isn’t a law which they “feel” should exist, they don’t simply apply it based on their feelings. (That’s DOJ’s job. )

If there is an authority delegated to them, they may regulate it to minimize risk and liability. But, those are carefully-weighed cost-benefit analyses, and aren’t “feelings”.

As a former bureaucrat, I’ll tell you that the best way to get a staff analysis done on an issue is to flood the agency with inquiries about the subject. I guarantee you that, if any level of risk or exposure is identified, you’ll get a policy statement prohibiting the subject.

I don’t “feel” that; I know it for a fact.

Don’t ask for permission; if required, ask for forgiveness due to clear lack of policy guidance.

Until then follow Citadelgrad’s guidance and follow the law.
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