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Originally Posted by Fjold View Post
No, it's too heavy.

I wouldn't expect to need more than two rounds since I always train to double tap. And if I can't get the job done with 4 or 5 shots (at the most) I'd consider turning in my LTC. I cannot imagine any scenario where I would need more than 11 rounds that I wouldn't go into without a rife.
Chance favors the prepared. I've never anticipated needing a seat belt, but I sure have used several.

Why dont you just carry 2?

We are seldom in charge of what happens, and the down side of my way is FAR less a real problem than the downside to doing it your way
Originally Posted by repubconserv View Post
Print it out and frame it for all I care
Originally Posted by el chivo View Post
I don't need to think at all..
Originally Posted by pjsig View Post
You are talking to someone who already won this lame conversation, not a brick a wall. Too bad you don't realize it.
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Didn't realize. I try not to be political.
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