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I like my Shield, and I carry a 9 round mag with one in the pipe and usually a spare mag if not two. The Shield became more of my standard carry because so many clients were carrying the gun, and often would not bring it to the gun show, or the store and having mine made it easy to clear it and use it as a surrogate. It shoots well and after some tips from Jerry Miculek well at SHOT Show I really grew to like it. However my M&P .40 is my favorite gun and has been for years.

More is better, and time in scenario's using simunitions bring home the preference have as many rounds as possible on tap. For me which gun I carry may well come down to which car I am driving. I can carry the Shield much easier in my Corvette than the full size. Driving my Sedan or Van and the full size .40 is very comfortable. Carry technique with the Holosun 507c or the RMR Trijicon is the same. My .40 S&W gives me 16+1. Will be testing if the palm swell from the 2.0 is an upgrade or makes the gun harder to carry concealed shortly.

Shot the Optic in a steel match last night and it's amazing how much faster transition is, along with accuracy. Using the optic to rack the weapon also makes failure drills much simpler.
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