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Claiming its not possible to measure the tension of anything is silly.
I am the only fan of bullet hold, I can measure bullet hold in pounds, I can not measure bullet hold in tensions.

One more time: I have tension gages; none of my tension gages measure in tensions; it is simple enough, my tension gages are marked off in pounds. The part that just locks the reloader up is the fact there is no conversion for tensions to pounds.

One more time; there is a hydraulic bullet seating press with a gage. the gage is marked off in pounds. If there was such a thing as seating bullets and measuring in tensions the gage would be marked off in tensions. If there was such a thing as a conversion chart for tensions to pounds at least one reloader out of all the Internet reloaders on the Internet could come up with a conversion and or gage that measures tensions.

At 14 I started working in the oil field, my first job was working the inside tongs. Above my head was a gage that was called a tension gage, The tension gage was marked off in pounds, thousands of pounds. If we wanted to know how much pipe/weight we had in the hole we multiplied the reading on the gage X the number of cables.

Again, I want all the bullet hold I can get, For me a good number for bottle neck cases is 45 pounds, I have exceeded that to the point the Hodgdon collet bullet puller was not able to pull the bullets.

Please do not take this an endorsement of the Hodgdon collet cam operated bullet puller, to me the Hodgdon Bullet puller is down next to not having a bullet puller at all.

F. Guffey
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