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I've never heard of anyone trying to measure "x number of tensions", yet there it is. Every. Damn. Time.
One more time, I use bullet hold, I measure bullet hold in pounds; reloaders are conditioned to use the term neck tension. There is not one reloader that can measure bullet hold in tensions, they can not convert bullet hold to tensions. Reloaders do not have a scale for tensions.

the first tension gage I worked with measured in thousands of pounds, we had one attached to one cable of 16; that was the first tension gage that skipped measuring tension and went straight to pounds, I also have strain gages, it does not seem fair to reloaders, my strain gage does not measure in strains, it measures in hundreds of pounds.

I have a deflection gage, it does not measure in deflections, it measure in thousandths, with a tension gage the deflection gage can converted to pounds.

reloaders are infatuated with neck tension, reloaders can not measure neck tension, reloader can not convert tension to pounds, some reloaders believe they understand interference fit/crush fit and when asked how many tensions they use they start the tacky talk.

I have a tension gage, it does not measure tensions, it measures in pounds, I use bullet hold, I want all the bullet hold I can get. But there has to be a limit, I believe 45 pounds is a good number.

And then? There is always another tool. I can create enough bullet hold to exceed the ability of the Hornady collet bullet puller to pull bullets. I know, there are reloaders that get all giggly about the Hornady pullet puller. And then there are a few reoladers like me that believe it does not take much bullet hold to exceed the ability of the Hornady collet bullet to pull bullets.

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