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If you can spin the bullet by hand, but can't on the others, the neck has loosened up. Shouldn't have happened, but I've seen stranger stuff.

Pull the bullet. If you want to be lazy, reserve the powder charge, otherwise, throw a new charge for use later. Remove the decapping pin from your sizing die (assuming you are decapping and sizing in a single step), and resize the case. Check that the pneumatic pressure didn't unseat the primer (unlikely, but possible.) Charge the case with the powder from above, and see if you can hand-seat the bullet. If you can, your sizing die is not getting the neck small enough. If you can't, the impact of the bullet on the floor tweaked the neck and loosened it up (That's not definitive, but it's a decent guess.) Reseat the bullet, and go shoot. Since there's a possibility something is screwy with that round, use it as a sighter or fouler if your ammo is for some kind of critical accuracy use.

One other thing: The sized neck diameter should give you a decent amount of hold on the bullet, prior to crimping. I'd recheck that first, as it sounds like your neck diameter is marginal (again, a guess.)
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