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Originally Posted by ThatOneTurnersGuy View Post
DOJ regulations are not clear on this being a mandate for dealers; DOJ themselves initially told many dealers that it was not mandated in the same way that firearm PPTís are. Perhaps they felt the language that the dealer must process the transfer as if the ammunition were the vendorís own merchandise, dictated that dealers must run one of the background checks as it does with new ammo, but does not clearly state that dealers must process these transfers to begin with.

Again, given the amount of time that it takes to process all DOJ related processes, we had not begun processing these transfers- a) because the regs are not clear when combined with DOJís prior guidance, and b) because we do want to smooth out the ammo and gun buying process given the disruptive nature of the continued 10-15% SAEC rejection rate and/or customers still struggling to overcome FLA CDL issues.

While we have not been overrun with tons of requests to do these- very few, in fact- weíll take a second look at processing these and let you all know
The bolded quote above is duly noted as "corporate doublespeak deflection". The onus placed on "ammunition vendors" by this statute is unambiguous and clearly stated. Leaving no discretionary choices for the vendor.


(a) (1) Commencing January 1, 2018, the sale of ammunition by any party shall be conducted by or processed through a licensed ammunition vendor.

(2) When neither party to an ammunition sale is a licensed ammunition vendor, the seller shall deliver the ammunition to a vendor to process the transaction. The ammunition vendor shall promptly and properly deliver the ammunition to the purchaser, if the sale is not prohibited, as if the ammunition were the vendorís own merchandise.

If the ammunition vendor cannot legally deliver the ammunition to the purchaser, the vendor shall forthwith return the ammunition to the seller. The ammunition vendor may charge the purchaser an administrative fee to process the transaction, in an amount to be set by the Department of Justice, in addition to any applicable fees that may be charged pursuant to the provisions of this title.
The contextual use of "SHALL" in 30312 in relation to vendors, makes it an IMPERATIVE statement.

If Turner's refuses to do PTP ammo transfers. They are NOT IN COMPLIANCE with Ca pc-30312.
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