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Originally Posted by Bushwack44 View Post
I initially tried that. Created a Win 10 installer using a 16B stick. Then disconnected the OEM 2TB drive, had only the SSD installed, and booted up from the stick. The 'stick' would not identify the SSD (which I had already formatted). I have a hunch with OEM drives that have Win 10 pre-installed, there must be a code that makes the stick identify with the drive. I even tried booting the stick and placing Win 10 on an external 3.0 USB hard drive. No luck.

Aside from that, I don't want to re-install the third party programs (Adobe Suite, MS Office, Quickbooks, etc). I'm hoping cloning the drive will bypass that time suck.
What kind of computer is it? I haven’t yet found anything that Win10 wouldn’t see unless the BIOS had some funky settings... Do you know what your drive controller is set to? UEFI - AHCI/RAID etc? Some have a CMS module that has to be set right or secure boot settings have to be tweaked.
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