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Originally Posted by Bushwack44 View Post
Just bought a desktop PC that came with a 2TB 7200HD - Windows 10 pre-installed and running the current version. I've already loaded all the apps onto the drive and my documents (occupying 600MB).

I bought a 1TB SSD and installed it as a second internal drive. It formatted fine. What I would like to do is a complete transfer of all files from the HD to the SSD and be able to boot from the SSD.

Do I make a disk image of the drive or do a transfer (i.e.: Whichever route is recommended, please suggest the best software for the job. Thanks.
This is the easiest, most reliable way to do what you want to do:

Download Macrium Reflect, and "clone" your C drive, to your new SSD. remove 2tb drive, install SSD (now the C drive). Format your 2tb drive as "D" drive. Once this is done, image your C drive, to the D drive. Once done, check the D drive, to make sure the Macrium Reflect image file is there. Make a Macrium recovery USB stick. Put in a safe place.

If you use a swap file, have it run from your D drive.
Send all your TEMP/TMP files to the D drive.
re-direct personal files (Pics, Music, Video etc.) to the D drive.
Turn off Defrag on the SSD (C) drive.
This will seriously reduce the R/W cycles on the SSD.

If you're using a Samsung SSD, download, and use the Samsung Magician software.

If you need help doing any of this, let me know, and I can talk you through it. It's not that hard.

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