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Originally Posted by Killer Bee View Post

$.95/rd in stock at miwall

F that random unpredictable steel crap

I run it exclusively in my AK but then I don't expect much more than minute of barn door from it either

the leftover premium norma brass is value added

I don't reload but I save it anyway for sale or trade

get on ammoseek, there's 147gr pmc $.82/rd and probably a few other better options for an AR

if you insist on russian steel though, plenty < $.70/rd

just beware of hundreds of testimonies against it - this guy sums it up pretty well

Steel ammo, unless its premium such as high hornady steel match, is usually associated with low quality, corrosive primers, weak and inconsistent power charges, and all sort of problems.

Its not really a good choice for AR patterns, most of the time.

I would stick to brass ammo for precision style rifles (308, 223). If you want to plink all day with cheap ammo, get a platform designed for it. (.22, 762x39, etc)

good luck!
What modern commercial steel ammo has corrosive primers? I donít even think there is surplus steel case 7.62x51/308win as No nato countries make it.

Thereís definitely been modern brass military surplus that DOES have corrosive primers in it.

As far accuracy, minute of man is all that 7.62x51 was designed for. Your run of the mill M14, G3, FAL getting 2-3moa using m80 ball is perfectly acceptably. Steel case ammo will give you the same amount of accuracy.

An AK getting barn door accuracy,(Iím sure itís an exaggeration) has more to do with the shooter rather than the rifle or ammo.

If you do want good accuracy donít buy 7.62x51mm, stick to buying 308win.

If 2-3+ moa is fine for you, standard 1st world country M80 ball will be fine.
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