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Originally Posted by mikeyr View Post
That ring is supposed to break if something goes wrong and you force it.

That being said, I have yet to break the ring on my 650 that I bought 20 years ago and have loaded well over 100,000 rounds on, also never broken the ring on my newer 650 that I have had only 8 years. I don't understand how many of these things get broken here.
I am not sure, but I do process .223/5.56 2x, so maybe 1/3 more (maybe 40,000-53,333 cranked through this) have been cranked through the press than completely reloaded, as I do sizing and decapping exclusively in my brass-prep.

Dillon is coming though, again, and I already have tracking for replacements, even if I got some ordered on the side, as I didn't think they would ship so quickly...
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Free stating we will go,
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