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Zeroing an air rifle is literally a 3 shot affair and seeing what it is can be done inside a garage or even a hallway inside if you deal with the safety concerns. Unlike firearms you can put on on paper at 10' and then head to your favorite distance and zero with less than 3 pellets if your gun/optics are accurate.

We used to get on paper just lining up the rifle using bags and fire one pellet on a large sheet of butcher paper and then adjust the optic to match the POI. From there head to 30 yards and you'll be close enough it won't matter. Adjust again and then go for the final. After that group and you're done.

If you are using a break barrel bore sighters aren't all that helpful since most have a downward angle between the muzzle and receiver. If you use an optic is gets even more difficult.

A hint, print a target using your PC and printer and place a graduated scale on it. Then when you fire that first pellet you have a built-in adjustment figure to work from.
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