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What specifically do you need help with?

1) Post an add in the WTS section appropriate for your gun. Specify buyer is to pay all DROS and associated fees.
2) Negotiate with potential buyers
3) Find a convenient Gun store that is willing to do Private Party Transfers (PPT)
4) Bring the gun to the gun store, meet with buyer, let them inspect the gun after the employee has cleared & safety checked the gun
5) Complete paperwork, get paid from buyer, and leave. The last parts are entirely on the buyer.

Make sure you call whatever gun store you want to do the transfer at first. Some aren't doing PPT right now (COVID), and some never do (grumpy ones you don't want to give business to anyway). Ask them how they want to do the PPT, in case they have some special procedure (how to bring the gun in, where to get it safety cleared, etc).

Do not meet someone in a parking lot to show them the gun. Nor your house, nor their house. Do it at a Local Gun Store and nowhere else. Make sure the gun is registered to you and no issues there. Wouldn't hurt to bring your paperwork, but probably not necessary. Bring your ID and FSC/CCW just in case.

I'm probably forgetting something, but that's the gist of it. Good luck!
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