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Mustard - are you at SLO, Benning or SD for accelerated OCS?

And no - don't ring that bell unless something in your life requires it. Get your bars. Rolling back to enlisted isn't a death kiss, but a percentage of SNCO's and officers may privately look at a DOR as mission failure.

I liked the suggestion of going Army Maintenance Officer - while simultaneously pursuing your VA benefits for a pilot's license (even if it is initially for fixed wing - not a lot of those in the USA / CAARNG).

I have a master aviator I can ping for more S2. He occasionally runs the field at Los Al. Perhaps Chief Murph knows a trick or two with 50+ years in uniform for the USA, USAR and CAARNG (yup - that's a Vietnam to Iraq timeline before medical sidelined him). This guy has more years in uniform on God's green earth than I do simply on this earth (and I'm passed the 1/2 century mark).
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